Giveaway regulation “Dot to Dot Festival UK – Bock to Dot 2024”
Giveaway regulation “Dot to Dot Festival UK – Bock to Dot 2024”

Giveaway regulation “Dot to Dot Festival UK – Bock to Dot 2024”


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Live Content S.A.

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1.1 – The “Dot to Dot Festival UK – Bock to Dot 2024” Contest is promoted by Super Bock Bebidas through its Super Bock brand and intends to award ten (10) winners double tickets to Dot to Dot Festival in London, on the May 25th and 26th 2024. 

1.2 – Live Content has been entrusted by Super Bock Bebidas with – on their behalf and representation – implementing the contest on the Super Bock Facebook page and monitoring the participation and identification of winners ensuring that the prize is correctly awarded.

1.3 – The contest shall take place from 12.30pm May 9th, 2023 to 11.59pm of May 21st, 2023 (Central European Time) on the Super Bock Facebook Page. There will be a total of ten (10) winners.

1.4 –The prize for this contest shall be the one mentioned in paragraph 1.1. of this section and section 4 below in these regulations.


2.1 – The structure of the contest implies creating a post on Super Bock’s Facebook page with an image that is associated with the description of the contest.

2.2 – Users must apply on the contest’s post in accordance with the introduced


Dot to Dot Festival is coming to Bristol and Nottingham. Since all friendships sound better with some music, we’re giving away double tickets to this amazing festival.

Enter our giveaway:

📱 Follow Super Bock;

✍️ Tag a friend and describe a gig night with 3 emojis.

We’ll be rewarding the 10 best comments with double tickets (5 winners for Nottingham and 5 winners for Bristol)! 🏆 Enter the contest until the 18th of May.

2.3 – Once the conditions have been met for applying to this contest as mentioned in section 3 and paragraph 5.1. of these Regulations there will be 10 winners who will receive double tickets to Dot to Dot Festival.

2.4 – LIVE CONTENT will follow all applications submitted on the website and will identify the users whose applications fulfil all requirements in paragraph 2.2

2.5 – Winners shall be contacted by direct message and announced on Super Bock’s Facebook post on Mayth.

2.6 – Winners must send an email to with the subject “Super Bock Giveaway – Dot to Dot Festival UK 2024”, to claim their prize, and submit their personal information: full name, Facebook and/or instagram profile name and e-mail.

2.7 – Winners shall receive the prize by e-mail.


3.1 – Adults (18 or older) residing in the UK are eligible to take part in this contest.

3.2 – Super Bock Group employees and/or external entities involved in the creation of this project and their immediate relatives may not take part in the contest.


4.1 – Each winner shall receive in this contest double tickets to Dot to Dot Festival 2024.

4.2 – Prizes are personal and may not be transferred, exchanged, or replaced with any other similar or of a different kind including cash.

4.3 – All costs incurred by the prize winners for their own enjoyment shall not be refundable whatsoever and shall be solely and exclusively borne by the winner.


5.1 – The winner will be selected by a jury constituted by employees of Super Bock Group, based on how their participation fits the personality of the Super Bock brand, and its creativity and originality, as well as its compliance with the application requirements in section 3 above and also by achieving the contest goals in paragraph 2.2. of these Regulations.

5.2 – Super Bock reserves the right to render the following applications invalid:

a) Those that mention other brands or beverages;

b) Those that use a logo or the name of an institution, national or religious symbol, or a historical figure in a derogatory, defamatory, or offensive manner;

c) Those that encourage or appeal to violence as well as illegal or criminal activities;

d) Those that damage human dignity;

e) Those that include any form of discrimination against race, language, place of origin, religion, partisanship, partnership-making, football team, or any other;

f) Those that use obscene language;

g) Those that encourage damaging behaviour to the environment or promote the disorder of social lives;

h) Those that aim at union, political, or religious ideas;

i) Those that allude to children taking drugs, narcotics, or alcohol or encourage anyone,

regardless of age, to take them;

j) Those that affect the legal rights of the Organiser or a third party, namely copyrights, brand rights, or intellectual property rights, privacy rights, or personal data, publicity, or contractual rights regardless of their nature.

k) The concerned Facebook profiles do not belong to the winners.

5.3 – The fact that a contestant is announced as a winner does not necessarily mean that they will receive a prize, since their application, eligibility requirements, and compliance with the rules within these Regulations need to be checked before a winner is effectively recognised as such and the conditions for issuing and sending said prize are met.

5.4 – Each contestant will only receive one prize.

5.5 – In the case of fraud, the Organiser reserves the right to remove the contestant from the contest and to cancel said prize. Fraudulent applications shall be communicated to the proper authorities and may be subject to legal proceedings. The Organiser reserves the right to adopt appropriate measures in order to prevent any conducts that Super Bock may suspect as having the aim or effect of acting in a fraudulent manner regarding this contest or not complying with its rules to the detriment of other contestants, which shall immediately result in said contestant being removed and losing any right to a prize they may have eventually obtained.


6.1– Super Bock Bebidas S.A. (Data Controller) with head office at Via Norte, 4465-764, Leça do Balio – Matosinhos – Portugal undertakes to act in accordance with the applicable data protection legislation, namely EU Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016 (GDPR), the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR), and the Data Protection Act (DPA 2018) as well as all legislation related to online privacy and data protection.

6.2 – This Clause comprises our policies in regard to the way we process your data within the scope of the “Dot to Dot Festival UK – Bock to Dot 2024” contest.

• Information we collect

6.3 – Personal data is all information related to an individual that has been identified or is likely to be identified. The following personal data shall be processed within the scope of this contest:

a) Full name, date of birth, e-mail address, image (picture shared for the purpose of taking part in this contest), and IP address (when registering on the website as mentioned in paragraph 2.1.) of all contestants;

b) Full name, ID No., date of birth, full address, e-mail address, telephone number, and dietary restrictions of the selected winners and their friends who will be enjoying the prize.

6.4 – The collected data shall be kept in a safe server with limited access.

• How we use your personal data

6.5 – Your personal data shall be exclusively used for the purpose of selecting, contacting, checking the identity, assigning, and giving out the prize to the winners as explained in these Regulations. This purpose brings about the following processing activities:

• Managing and organising the contest; 

• Checking if your profile is compatible with the criteria for entering;

• Proceeding with winner identification;

• Sending out general communications related to taking part in this contest; and

• Other activities that may not provide express information but are still intrinsic and strictly necessary for the contest to take place.

6.6 – Taking part necessarily implies the processing of personal data identified in paragraph 6.3. All collected personal data are adequate and necessary for these purposes to take place. If these data are not provided you will not be able to take part. 

6.7 – The lawfulness of data processing is based on an agreement made formal by taking part in the contest, which is entered into after you agree to the terms and conditions for taking part, which are in the Regulations. In the event of data processing being subject to consent, namely for sending marketing communications for the exclusive purpose of direct marketing, said consent shall be previously obtained and you will be informed of its purposes as per privacy policy in force.

6.8 – In regard to the preservation of data related to the winners, in order for them to actually enjoy the prize their data shall be preserved until the prize is effectively delivered. In regard to the other contestants, once the contest is over, they shall become irreversibly anonymous or safely erased.

6.9 – Personal data may be shared with entities providing services associated with the contest in the capacity of subcontractors. Personal data provided within the scope of this contest shall be processed by Live Content S.A. (LIVE CONTENT) on behalf of the Data Controller, where only the necessary data for carrying out the activity pursued by this entity under the contest shall be processed. LIVE CONTENT ensures compliance with the requirements in these Regulations and the adoption of the necessary technical and organisational measures in order to fulfil the principles and rules in the GDPR, which are specifically set out in the data processing agreement entered into with the Data Controller in full compliance with the data protection legislation in force and they undertake to fulfil and respect the Data Protection Legislation.

6.10 – There are third parties who may gain access to personal data made available for the purpose of providing services and/or in compliance with the requirements of legal relations established within the scope of managing this contest, in compliance with legal and/or contractual requirements, namely:

• Technology service providers and transportation and delivery service providers; and/or

• Judicial, administrative, supervisory, or regulatory authorities if the Data Controller is legally required to provide personal data.

6.10 – If audiovisual content is shared on social media, or if you access the website through the latter, your personal data may be processed by the entities managing social media or the provided functionalities (i.e. Facebook) in accordance with the concerned privacy policies, which we recommend that you read before entering the contest.

6.11 – Your data may be subject to international data transfer between Portugal and Switzerland made under an adequacy decision or equivalent decision ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Legislation.

6.12 – The Data Controller ensures that the entire mechanics of this contest has human intervention as explained to all data subjects applying the necessary measures in order to protect their rights, freedom, and legitimate interests.

• Rights related to personal data

6.13 – Data subjects are informed that they have the right to request from the Data Controller – when applicable – access to their personal data as well as amend, erase, or limit processing, and they also have the right to object to data processing, the right to data portability, and the right to withdraw consent at any time without undermining the legality of the processing based on previous consent. They also have the right to complain to a supervisory authority and the right to pursue legal proceedings against the supervisory authority or data controller.

6.14 – You may exercise the rights foreseen in the legislation by writing to our Data Protection Officer at the following e-mail address:

6.15 – This Clause still requires a careful reading of the Privacy Policy available at

6.16 – Without loss for that above, contestants who have provided their personal data may also complain to the National Data Protection Authority, where appropriate, which in this case may be:

• Portuguese Data Protection Authority: Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados – CNPD, you can look up its contact information on

• English Data Protection Authority: Information Commissioner´s Office – ICO, you can look up its contact information on


7.1 – This contest shall be advertised on the internet with promoted ads on Facebook, where Super Bock undertakes to fulfil Article 11 of Decree-Law No. 330/90 of October 23 in the wording of Decree-Law No. 275/98 of September 9.


8.1 – The Organiser reserves the right to change, suspend, or cancel this Contest at any given time, namely in the case of force majeure, without contestants being entitled to compensation.

8.2 – In the case of a situation that is not foreseen in these Regulations, the ORGANISER shall bridge the gap in accordance with the spirit of these Regulations reserving the right to make any changes to the Contest, extend it, or suspend it without prior warning.

8.3 – Up to the maximum legal limit, the Organiser shall not be held responsible for any human or technical error that may occur while the contest is taking place.


9.1 – All divergences and matters arising from the interpretation or application of these Regulations within the scope of the contest herein shall be submitted to the Court of Oporto waiving the right to any other unless otherwise provided for in an imperative law.


10.1 – In order to take part in the contest you have to agree to the terms and conditions in these Regulations.

10.2 – All contestants consent to the Data Controller and Super Bock Bebidas using their participation for editing purposes and reproducing it by whatever means.

10.3 - All contestants declare to be over 18.

10.4 - All participants authorize, free of charge, the use of their image by Super Bock Bebidas and other companies of the Super Bock Group, for editing and reproduction in any way, assigning to Super Bock Bebidas any rights underlying it, namely the right to the image, copyright and related rights.

10.5 - All participants declare and guarantee that they have previously informed the persons who may be identified under the terms and for the purposes of the provisions of 2.2, as well as ensure that they are aware of the rules included in this regulation and that they have given their authorization to that your username/profile be associated with the contest.


11.1 – If you have any questions or doubts regarding this offer/contest, please e-mail us at

We will reply as soon as possible.

Leça do Balio, 2th of May 2023